Terminal Feed Service

Terminal Feed Service

A Valued Added Service For UIIA Equipment Providers Participants

Ensures that intermodal facililties receive up-to-date Motor Carrier interchange status information on behalf of UIIA Equipment Providers. IANA's Terminal Feed Service distributes data to over 95 of the nation’s largest marine and inland terminals, and assists with expediting the gate interchange process and reducing unnecessary delays at the piers..

Benefits Of The Terminal Feed Service

  • Eliminates the need for Equipment Providers to have to manually update the facilities they utilize.
  • Provides hourly updates to facilities via electronic data feeds, web query or API.
  • Provides access to interchange status information via a web interface for facilities not requiring system integration.
  • Allows Equipment Providers to have UIIA interchange status information transmitted to an unlimited number of intermodal facilities.

TFS Overview


Existing EP Terminal Feed Subscribers

  • To download a list of the designated facilities that receive UIIA data on behalf of your company simply log into your UIIA account and click on “List of Terminal Feed Locations”.

  • To add a new facility to start receiving UIIA data on your company’s behalf, please send your request that includes the facility contact details and location information via e-mail to Sherry Parnell at sherry.parnell@intermodal.org.

Existing or Prospective Terminals, CYs & Depots

  • Click here for a copy of the record layout for the data transmitted under the Terminal Feed Service.

  • All EDI transmission are prepared in a flat ASCII file, fixed column format and provided via SFTP pull.
  • Facilities are required to retrieve the files from IANA's server every hour.

For more information on how to begin receiving UIIA interchange status information under IANA's Terminal Feed Service, please contact Sherry Parnell at 301-982-3400 ext. 348 or via email to: sherry.parnell@intermodal.org


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