Street Interchange Application

Street Interchange Application

A web portal that automates and streamlines street interchanges and street turns for UIIA Motor Carriers and Equipment Providers.

Benefits Of The Street Interchange Application

  • Captures electronically the transfer of liability, damage and indemnification set forth under the UIIA from the originating Motor Carrier to the receiving Motor Carrier when a street interchange is performed.
  • Stops the clock on the import move and begins it on the export move for street turns.
  • Validates the receiving Motor Carrier has a valid UIIA interchange with the UIIA Equipment Provider(s) involved in the street interchange transaction.
  • Interfaces with IANA's Global Equipment Registry (GIER) application to confirm the SCAC Code for the chassis Equipment Provider to validate the interchange status between the Motor Carrier and the chassis provider (as long as the chassis EP is a UIIA participant). 

SIA Overview

  • Provides access to supporting documentation related to the street interchange/street turn transaction to all involved parties, which can be of assistance in cases of disputes.  
  • Enables Equipment Providers to properly allocate free time and per diem based on terms contained in their individual  UIIA addendum as well as maintenance and repair charges.

Equipment Providers interested in utilizing the Street Interchange Application, please contact Debbie Sasko via e-mail at debbie.sasko@intermodal.org or by phone at (301)982-3400 ext. 352.


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