Gate Control System (GCS)

Gate Control System

IANA’s Gate Control System (GCS) provides an efficient way for equipment leasing companies participating in the UIIA to control unauthorized use of chassis by motor carriers that have outstanding collection issues and do not have a valid interchange with the chassis provider. The GCS does so through proactive alerts to motor carriers and the Container EPs that have leasing agreements with the equipment leasing companies. This proactive notification alternative assists in providing gate control for the chassis and eliminates operational challenges at the various facilities.

Benefits Of GCS

  • Assists equipment leasing companies participating in the UIIA with streamlining their outstanding collection processes for equipment rental charges enhancing working capital for the EP’s and minimizing the need for old collections.
  • Provides efficient method to manage un-authorized use of equipment leasing companies’ chassis without impacting the facility operator’s current gate process.
  • Enables Container EPs to be made aware of pending interchange issues their chassis providers may have with a MC for the Container EP to take the appropriate actions, if applicable.
  • Advance alerts to MCs of pending issues will promote resolution of these problems prior to interchange suspension occurring.

GCS Overview


Motor Carriers are notified via e-mail proactively when there is an outstanding monetary issue with the equipment leasing company to allow time for the MC to address the problem prior to gate arrival. Container EP’s also have the option to be notified of potential suspensions in order to make proactive business decisions regarding a MC's interchange status. For instance, a Container EP may determine in its own business judgment that certain types of payment disputes between a chassis leasing company and a Motor Carrier constitutes "good cause" to suspend a Motor Carrier's interchange privileges under Section C.2. of the UIIA.

For additional information on the Gate Control System contact Debbie Sasko at debbie.sasko@intermodal.org.


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