Bilateral Contract Administration Services

Bilateral Contract Administration Services

Program Overview

IANA’s Bilateral Contract Administration Services provides administration services in the form of collection, maintenance and dissemination of specific data in support of bilateral agreements between non-UIIA intermodal equipment owners/providers and Motor Carriers participating in the Uniform Intermodal Interchange and Facilities Access Agreement (UIIA) program, as well as non-UIIA trucking companies.

In comparison to the UIIA, the BCAS program does not provide management of a standard interchange contract and commercial EP addenda (including notification of changes related to addenda terms), nor does it have the benefit of IANA’s binding arbitration process that is offered under the UIIA program.

BCAS Overview


Benefits Of The Program

  • Reduces the number of certificates Motor Carriers have to issue.
  • Streamlines insurance submission for Motor Carrier’s insurance agents by one certificate of insurance covering both UIIA EPs as well as non-UIIA intermodal equipment providers subscribing to the program. 
  • Provides subscribers a centralized database to manage and confirm insurance information, as well as download copies of insurance documentation for claim purposes. 
  • Notifies Motor Carriers of upcoming insurance expirations and expired policies.
  • Allows Motor Carriers to manage their insurance with both UIIA and Non-UIIA intermodal equipment through a trusted and reliable source via IANA’s Information Service programs. 
  • Provides web-based reporting for Subscribers to identify approved and/or not approved Motor Carriers.
  • Access to daily DOT Operating Authority status report.
  • Enables non-UIIA entities to easily transition to participation in IANA’s UIIA program should they elect to do so.

For additional information on the Bilateral Contract Administration Service contact Debbie Sasko at debbie.sasko@intermodal.org


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