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  • September 23 — In response to IANA’s limited joinder filing with the U.S, District Bankruptcy Court, Hanjin advised that it would not assess per diem charges on containers or chassis when Motor Carriers’ attempts to return equipment are denied.
  • September 6 — DOC made an affirmative preliminary determination in the antidumping duty investigation of imports of truck and bus tires from China and did not define 10x20 bias ply tube tires as a separate domestic like product. See the Federal Register Notice.
  • August 31 — South Korea’s Hanjin Shipping Co Ltd. has filed for receivership. IANA has posted information on how specific North American facilities are handling Hanjin equipment and guidance for UIIA motor carriers related to the pick-up and return of Hanjin equipment.
  • August 26 — NHTSA and FMCSA proposed equipping heavy-duty vehicles with devices that would limit speeds, and would require those devices be set to a maximum speed that will be determined based on public input. See the FMCSA Newsroom post.
  • August 23 — The West Coast MTO Agreement, known as WCMTOA, has shelved plans to introduce a chassis services fee; individual marine terminals will negotiate directly with chassis leasing companies over hosting agreements. See the PierPass news post.

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