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North American Intermodal Network

IANA is pleased to introduce new versions of our North American Intermodal Rail System and North American Intermodal Facilities Directory maps, which illustrate the scope and breadth of the North American intermodal system. These new versions include a number of enhancements and useful features. If you have questions about the maps, please click here to contact us.

North American Intermodal Rail System

Following is the key to routings for the North American Intermodal Rail System Map. To populate the map, please select the specific routings of interest in the check box shown below. For a comprehensive system map, select “All Railroads."

Download a printable version of this map.

North American Intermodal Facilities Directory

IANA's North American Intermodal Facilities Directory identifies pertinent information for  terminals, ramps, container yards and depots in the United States and Canada, including specific geographic locations. The directory comprises information maintained by IANA, as part of its administration of the Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) service.  IANA maintains a list of these intermodal facilities along with managing the assignment of unique codes for each location to ensure routing of the Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports to the proper facility and maintenance & repair vendor as required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Following are some tips to enhance your viewing experience. To view a list of up to 500 intermodal facilities in a geographic area, click on the Key icon in the upper right corner and zoom in to that area of the map. To locate an intermodal facility by name, enter the name in the search box at top center. To view information about a specific facility, click on its Yellow, Red or Blue Pin icon. To filter by intermodal facility type or find routing or directions, click the Tool icon in the upper left.


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