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A compendium of important information on a variety of intermodal-related topics and links to freight transportation trade associations, organizations and institutions.

Industry Tools

Telematics for M&R Checklists

The Telematics for M&R Applications Task Force developed two checklists to assist companies with decisions regarding telematics solutions and the implementation of telematics for maintenance and repair. The Telematics Features and Benefits checklist highlights telematics options for various equipment categories. The Telematics Deployment Preparation checklist provides information on what companies should think about as they prepare to deploy telematics solutions.

Telematics Features and Benefits

Telematics Deployment Preparation

Intermodal Facility Safety Handbook

This Handbook project was initiated by IANA’s Intermodal Safety Committee to develop a common set of safety recommendations, drawn from Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines, to assist intermodal facility operators for improving safety.

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Driver Experience at Intermodal Facilities Task Force Report

The Driver Experience at Intermodal Facilities Task Force’s charter was to understand the positives aspects and the challenges of the driver’s experience at intermodal terminals. Having more knowledge from a driver’s perspective on the variables impacting their experience, in conjunction with terminal transactional data, can help to understand what is happening on the ground and increase driver efficiency and capacity, cargo velocity, and terminal throughput and safety.

The Task Force’s final presentation, including conclusions and recommendations, is available for review.

Download the presentation

Roadside Service Reference Guide

This webpage acts as a quick reference guide, containing roadside service documentation, links to various roadside service websites, and specific business rules pertaining to IEPs within the industry. With this central source, IANA hopes to further assist the Motor Carrier community in reducing the impact on both vehicles and drivers when equipment incidents occur.

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Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting Video and Information Card

The Intermodal Chassis Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting Standards Task Force has developed a video, The Truth About DVIRs: The Key to Road Ready Equipment, and an information card, to reinforce the importance of reporting equipment defects, the ease of submitting DVIRs, to debunk some of the “myths” surrounding DVIRs, and to foster cooperation and collaboration among drivers, IEPs, facility operators, gate personnel and other stakeholders.

Download the DVIR Card    

Download the discussion guide



The Wheel End Task Force has produced a Driver Awareness card to help identify wheel end roll-offs and wheel end separations.

The Driver’s Inspection Guide is available for your download. The Guide was designed in two formats. An 8½ x 11 sheet and a trifold. This is not an all-inclusive document, but does focus on the most common and critical indicators for driver awareness. Inspection items were placed in order from the outside of the wheel working inward. It was designed with bullet points to minimize the amount of reading.

Download the  8 x 11 Driver's Guide 

 Download the trifold Driver's Guide

Standard industry safety rules and procedures at intermodal facilities

The Standard Industry Safety Rules and Procedures at Intermodal Facilities identifies initiatives, activities or processes that can influence and reduce the frequency of drayage mishaps on terminals, yards and depots.

Intermodal Terminal Drayman Safety Handbook

The Intermodal Terminal Drayman Safety Handbook is designed for the distribution to drayman to improve safety on Intermodal Terminals.

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Intermodal Terminal Safety Pocket Card

The Safety Pocket Card identifies six Recommended Practices to reduce collisions on intermodal terminals. This card is designed to be distributed to the intermodal drayage community.

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The Tire Marking & Photo Requirements Supplement to Exhibit C of the UIIA now provides for a streamlined method for the evaluation of tire condition to validate the cause of the failure and determine the responsible party. The new photographic evidence guidelines will eliminate the need for the return the physical tire carcass. Photos will be produced by the road service provider and provided to both the UIIA equipment provider and motor carrier. These two documents, in different formats, outline the criteria to mark and photograph tire defects. Both are available for download to be shared with intermodal drivers, equipment providers and road service providers.

Download the  8 x 11 Guide   

Download the trifold Guide

Intermodal Pre-Trip Inspection Video

This video is a recording of the walk-around inspection performed by the drivers that are picking up intermodal equipment. The process is based upon the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and illustrates the procedural steps to be followed by a driver prior to taking an intermodal chassis/container on the road.

Intermodal Roadside Inspection Video

This video illustrates the procedural steps followed by law enforcement when conducting a Level 1 roadside inspection performed in accordance with the North American Standard Inspection procedures developed by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.

Intermodal Factbook

Intermodal Factbook: An Introduction to Intermodal Freight provides an overview of the intermodal industry and the role of IANA.

Intermodal Factsheet

To learn more about the intermodal industry, read IANA’s Intermodal Factsheet.

Intermodal Glossary

Need to know an intermodal industry term? IANA’s Intermodal Glossary can help.

Intermodal Marketplace

The Intermodal Marketplace, a digital buyers' guide that allows you to find the intermodal-related products and services you need, is a great resource for the entire intermodal industry. 

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The Intermodal Marketplace, a digital buyers' guide that allows you to find the intermodal-related products and services you need, is a great resource for the entire intermodal industry. Users have the option of performing keyword-driven searches or category-specific searches. Both methods produce the most industry-relevant results on the Web, saving valuable time and money.