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Mechanical requirements

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Standard Ad Sizes

Ad Insertion rates

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Enhanced Digital Advertising Opportunities


Pop-Up Ad

Upgrade your half-page or third-page ad to a popup in the upper portion of the screen. This will be placed in an article of IANA’s choosing.

Animated GIF in Article

Upgrade your half-page or third-page ad to an animated GIF to be placed in an article of IANA’s choosing.

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Bottom Banner Pop-Up

An ad banner pop-up at the bottom of one article of IANA’s choosing. This opportunity is available only in the same issue as the advertiser’s standard ad.

  • JPG format
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Editorial Calendar and Production Schedule

First Quarter


  • Neutral chassis pools
  • Grounded versus wheeled intermodal terminals
  • Port operators, landlords weather the storm
  • Per diem charges — carrot or stick?
  • On-dock rail versus dray
  • What is the National Shippers Advisory Council system?

Space Reservation Deadline

  • February 9

Advertisement File Due Date

  • February 15

Second Quarter


  • Chassis provisioning
  • Transloading: what, why, where and when?
  • Getting a true reading from intermodal service metrics
  • Recruiting for intermodal's future
  • Rail's investment in infrastructure
  • Sustainability and intermodal

Space Reservation Deadline

  • May 6

Advertisement File Due Date

  • May 13

Third Quarter


  • Vessel routing and the new supply chains
  • How commercial development is changing the face of Intermodal
  • Intermodal network capacity and unpredictable demand
  • Coming together in 2022 – What is the status of the intermodal freight supply chain
  • 3PL focus
  • Mergers and acquisitions roil intermodal

Space Reservation Deadline

  • July 29

Advertisement File Due Date

  • August 8

Fourth Quarter


  • 2022 in review, looking ahead to 2023
  • North American intermodal
  • ROI on intermodal technologies
  • Making the most of strategic partnerships
  • Cybersecurity and the supply chain

Space Reservation Deadline

  • November 8

Advertisement File Due Date

  • November 15

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